Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. Hobart Branch

News - April  2021

Editor: Judith Crossin

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Sat 17 April - 2:15pm Annual General Meeting

VENUE: Church Hall at St Marks Anglican Church, Bellerive

GUEST SPEAKER: Warwick Risby

TOPIC: Some highlights from my book 'Risby Ancestors from Convict Beginnings'

We are getting back towards pre-COVID normal!!!

The next monthly meeting of the Branch will be a FACE-TO-FACE meeting on Saturday 17 April at 2.15 pm at St Mark's Parish Hall (corner Clarence and Scott Streets in Bellerive, opposite Salamanca Fresh).

Come along and catch up with all of your pre-COVID friends and fellow members in a COVID‑safe environment.

The meeting will include…

The 2021 AGM - don't be put off, it will last no more than 15 minutes, but it is important that we fulfil our constitutional responsibilities.

The guest speaker will be Warwick Risby. Warwick has recently published a book on his family's history and his talk is titled " Risby Ancestors from Convict Beginnings".

Warwick is a member of the well-known Tasmanian Risby family and has recently published a book detailing the history of his family - their arrival in VDL through to the development of the family businesses. His presentation will include some of the highlights from his book. Warwick is a member of Fellowship of First Fleeters and the Hobart Town First Settlers Association.

There will also be a short presentation by Dr Kate Bagnall (UTas Diploma of Family History) on the course offerings for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Let us CELEBRATE that we are able to meet again.

The meeting will conclude with afternoon tea and a chance for members and visitors to chat and renew the acquaintances that have been on hold since March 2020.

More for Your Diary

Thu 15 April - 10.00am Branch Committee Meeting

VENUE: Branch Library, Bellerive

Thu 15 April - 1.30pm DNA Group Meeting

VENUE: Church Hall at St Marks Anglican Church, Bellerive

Thu 22 April - 2pm Library Committee

VENUE: Branch Library, Bellerive


18 May 2021 Brian Stace
"The Coromandel: A one-ship study of South Australia's first immigrants"

The Branch Committee is working toward this meeting being face-to-face back at our "home base" at the Sunday School in the St John's Park Precinct.

Brian Stace is a retired Devonport solicitor and descendant of the immigrants who arrived in South Australia on the Coromandel. He has co-authored the book Coromandelians: South Australian Pioneers of the Coromandel and in it the authors make comparisons with convict ship arrivals in Australia and other single ship studies including The Princess Royal.


It is intended that these will be face-to-face meetings, but this will depend on the COVID situation at the time of the meeting. Refer to future Newsletters and the Branch website to keep up to date.

15 June 2021 Danny Crothers
Our Family's Hobart

20 July 2021 Michael Holmes
The Best of the Best - Tasmania's Vanishing Towns

17 August 2021 Dr Richard Tuffin and Sylvana Szydzik
Current archaeological digs and findings at Port Arthur

21 September 2021 Julian Amos
The Amos Family … 200 years in Tasmania - the early years


A COVID-19 plan is in place covering the current safety standards required i.e., 1.5m distancing where practicable, cleaning, hygiene and contact tracing. On entry you will need to either complete and sign a contact register or use our QR code with the Check in TAS app on your phone. Given the limitations with the size and structure of our library building the maximum number of people we can accommodate is 10 including society volunteers. The computer room is restricted to three people at a time which means time limits may apply to Ancestry access depending on demand.

The Library is back to its normal hours of operation as follows:

Tuesday 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Wednesday 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Saturday 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Volunteers and visitors are assured that the Branch has a sound COVID-19 plan designed in line with the latest government standards.


With the "retirement" of long serving Library Assistants Anne Hay, Inga Shelverton and Maureen O'Toole, the Librarian Jude Mudaliar is seeking members to manage the front desk and / or assist researchers visiting our Library. On-the-job training will be provided. The commitment can be as little as a single 3-hour visit per month. To put your name forward please phone the Library (6245 9351) or email secretary@hobart.tasfhs.org.au


Memberships are currently due with the year commencing 1 April 2021.

The renewal form was posted with the latest Tasmanian Ancestry Journal late Feb early March.

If you have not paid and have misplaced the form, please let us know and we will arrange a replacement.

Payment methods are endorsed on the renewal form. The preferred method of payment is direct transfer to the TFHS Inc. account. It is very important that your 8-digit CRN is used as the reference. In the past several deposits have been made that can't be identified due to lack of CRN details. The CRN is clearly marked on the front, bottom right-hand side of the renewal form.

If using Debit/Credit card, please ensure that your card is current, the card number is entered clearly and in full and that the expiry date (mm/yy) is entered as well.

We look forward to your continued membership and hope you enjoy the articles in Tasmanian Ancestry.

Library Accessions December 2020

Library Logo

The following items were accessioned during the month of December 2020.

The following items were accessioned during the month of March 2021.

Books / Computer Disks

* Daniels, Lou; THE PUBLICANS OF OLD HOBART TOWN, 1818-1880: Introduction [Q994.61 DAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THE PUBLICANS OF OLD HOBART TOWN, 1818-1880: A-D [Q994.61 DAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THE PUBLICANS OF OLD HOBART TOWN, 1818-1880: E-L [Q994.61 DAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THE PUBLICANS OF OLD HOBART TOWN, 1818-1880: M-R [Q994.61 DAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THE PUBLICANS OF OLD HOBART TOWN, 1818-1880: S-Z [Q994.61 DAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE ALLANS: The family of John (1797-1866) and Elizabeth Allan (1810-1874) [Q 929.2 ALL]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE ANNINGS: The family of William Sillifient, (1812-1880) and Sarah Anning (1819-1892 ) [Q929.2 ANN]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE BEATTIE HOLTS: The family of John (1843-1903) and Mary Beattie Holt (1852-1911) [Q929.2 BEA]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE BEECHEYS: The family of Samuel (1763‑1811) and Margaret Beechey (1756-1825) [Q929.2 BEE]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE CHAMPIONS: The family of Peter (1766‑1852) and Hester Champion (1771-1838) [Q929.2 CHA]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE CLEARY FAMILY: The family of Thomas (1815-1900) and Rachel Cleary (1838-1917) [Q929.2 CLE]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE CLOAKS: The family of Richard (1808‑1886) and Eliza Cloak (1816-1891) [Q929.2 CLO]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE DALES: The family of Thomas Ralph (1806-1861) and Elizabeth Dale (1813-1857) [Q919.2 DAL]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE DANIELS: The family of Edward (1855‑1937) and Clara Daniels (1858-1923) [Q929.2 DAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE DWYER FAMILY: The family of Patrick (1819-92) and Frances Ann Dwyer (1843-1927) [Q929.2 DWY]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE LEWIS FAMILY: The family of Gideon (1779-1845) and Louisa Lewis (1789-1850) [Q929.2 LEW]

* Daniels, Lou ; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE MANSFIELDS: The family of William (1778-1852) and Maria Mansfield (1795-1858) [Q929.2 MAN]

* Daniels, Lou; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE MITSONS: The family of William (1786‑1836) and Jane Mitson (1786-1865) [Q929.2 MIT]

* Daniels, Lou ; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE PURDONS: The family of Samuel (1835‑1883) and Eliza Purdon (1839-1894) [Q929.2 PUR]

* Daniels, Lou ; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE O'BRIENS AND THE PORTERS: The families of George (1768-1828) and Susannah Porter (1790-1846) and
Thomas ( -1819) and Susannah O'Brien (1762-1846)
[Q929.2 OBR]

* Daniels, Lou ; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE RAYNER FAMILY: The family of William Rayner (1819-92) and Elizabeth Goldsmith (1764-1823) and Susannah Chapman (1785-1865)

* Daniels, Lou ; THOSE KNOTTED HANDS: THE TUSTINS: The family of Thomas Tustin (1810-1868) and Ann Bartlett (1825-1896) [Q929.2 TUS]


* Marwood, Jim; VALLEY PEOPLE [MAR]

* Presser, John & Gillian Winter; CANNON FIRE [355.809946 PRE]

* TFHS Inc. Hobart; UNDERTAKERS OF HOBART, VOL. I - Index to Alex Clark & Son Funeral Records' Part 5; January 1944 - May 1961 [Q929.32099461 UND]


The 'Lou Daniels' books were donated by the author, a member of TFHS

The Maddern book was donated by Pam Campbell, a member of Hobart branch

The Marwood book was donated by Alison Alexander, a member of Hobart branch

The John Presser book was donated by the author, a member of Hobart branch

* Denotes complimentary or donated item


Are you disappointed that there are no articles in Tasmanian Ancestry that relate to your family and your family research? There is a simple solution to this. Write something yourself!

The stock of articles for future editions of Tasmanian Ancestry is quite small so members are urged to make that contribution that you have been planning to write. A single page of Tasmanian Ancestry consists of no more than 500 words, or less with a photograph.

It is known that several of our members have undertaken UTAS units in the Diploma of Family History course so there must be some assignments waiting to be converted to articles for our Journal.

It was interesting to hear a comment made by Malcolm Ward in the March meeting that he believed a multi-generational brick wall was knocked down when he published a small booklet on an ancestor. The publication attracted a response from a relative who was able to provide the missing piece of the jigsaw!

Please contribute!


Venue: Hobart Town Hall

Our seminar, postponed from April 2020, will be held on Sunday 2 May 2021. The seminar will explore the lives of convict women in the early years before the Hobart Town Female Factory was established.

Research presentations include:

Dianne Snowden (President)
Female Convicts Research Centre Inc.



The deadline for proposals for presentations at the October 14-16 2021 Oral History Conference in Launceston has been extended to April 1 2021.

Oral History in Troubling Times: Opportunities and Challenges invites you to reflect on the challenges and issues of undertaking oral history in troubling times, and to consider how oral history can illuminate the lived experience of troubling times both in the past and in our contemporary world.

Keynote speaker Mark Cave from New Orleans will speak on ' Why did this happen? Making meaningful answers in the aftermath of crisis '. There will be plenary sessions on Oral History in Troubling Times and on Aboriginal Oral History in Tasmania.

If Mark cannot travel from the US, his lecture will be given via Zoom. Should Covid make a face-to-face conference impossible, the whole conference will be held virtually. The main conference at the Tramsheds Function Centre, Launceston, will be on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 October 2021.

The conference will be hosted jointly by Oral History Tasmania and Oral History Australia and supported by the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education at the University of Tasmania and the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery.

Full details can be found here: